About Us

I have been a hospice nurse for over 30 years and when I need some quiet time I find solace in walking on the beach no matter what season. I would come home with a basket filled with pebbles, sea glass, and sea shells. About two years ago I was sitting in the sand and had an inspiration to create an angel out of pebbles. I then went in and put my angel on canvas and framed it. My angel sits on my desk and reminds me of the work I have done and the amazing angels I have met in my life.

I decided to share my story and make some of these inspirations available for clients to give as gifts for someone special in their lives and opened a store called Inspiration Crafts. I try to cover most occasions and emotions in my work and I am always willing to work with a client to create a special piece of art.

All of my designs are made with special care and no two pictures are alike because materials are found in nature and there are variations in size, shape and color of the stones seashells and sea glass. I may also use other embellishments to enhance and capture the theme.

I have a friend Rachel who works alongside me collecting our natural supplies along with my 2 Aruban dogs and sometimes my grandchildren. My husband Doug usually stands by thinking we are crazy and takes pictures as we search the shore. I don’t think he realizes how much we enjoy our craft!

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